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Sex, Love &Tinder

Terribly lame dates, long lasting love, marriage, gay affairs. You can find these and even more in Right Swipe Stories. Everything you’ll read in the book is 100% true.


Right Swipe Stories review by The Opiate

I got my very first English review about Right Swipe Stories. Although, it’s more of a criticism of Tinder and it highlights only the bad side of the app, but even though it’s pretty cool.…


When I was little, I wrote continuously, so it was obvious that I wanted a job like that after I graduated. My majors were film theory, film history and aesthetics. After the University, I started to work as a freelance journalist but I quickly jumped into advertising. Perhaps I would lie telling you that it was not because this profession looked super awesome in movies. What’s the truth? About this, you should ask my subconscious.

As I have worked as copywriter for the biggest international agencies in Hungary and I won many local, regional and international awards, I learned how to tell stories so they will be entertaining and hard to stop reading.

Besides advertising, I only wrote for my drawer for a long time. Here comes a confession: there are many tales in it locked from the audiences. Well, maybe I’ll reveal them soon.

Right Swipe Stories is my first non-fiction book featuring interviews. A special extra to the story is that I was also a busy user of this app until I found my love who actually became my husband pretty quickly after we got together.  Of course, I couldn’t miss our story from my book, so you can get to know a lot about me reading it. Be prepared, there will be many twists.


Anyway, I tell you some details now, so you can get to know me even better:

I love skateboarding and playing drums. Plus writing is like air for me. At my work place (McCann Budapest) I brainstorm and write for 8 hours. Then I come home and continue doing these activities.

I enjoy creating handmade DIY stuff. I already made lamps, rugs, jewels and many other small things.

Probably it won’t be a surprise for you if I tell that I adore books, series and movies. These are my addiction. Plus, I kind of enjoy cooking and baking as well, but only if I’m not exhausted with the daily life shit.

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