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1. Right Swipe Stories sample: Sexy night

“We’d already met twice when I invited her over. We talked, drank wine, then I persuaded her to sleep over. Wasn’t a good idea. She threw a hissy fit any time things got a bit hotter.

“I don’t want it to happen this quickly!” she complained but for me, waiting until the fourth date to really hit it off is going at a very careful grandpa-speed. But after half a bottle of wine I only wanted one thing from her. Well, I could just say, fuck it. Actually, I couldn’t. E. teased me a bit, then told me to stop. After a brief pause we started again. We had something even deeper going on. Then we stopped again. This went on and on. She even sucked on my cock a bit, but then stopped that as well. This is what I call, thank you for nothing. If you’re a guy, you’re familiar with this situation; you’re either clawing at the wall in pain or you just hump a hole in the bed depending on which direction you’re lying in. If you’re a girl, I’ll give you some friendly advice: don’t ever toy with a guy like this, it will drive him nuts. I was especially sad and disappointed at the same time, because E. was teasing me all the time. I gave up by dawn because I was totally sleepy and fell down like a reed.

“Wake up! Don’t sleep!” E. shook me, but I could only grunt, “But I can’t keep my eyes open.”

Honestly, I’m not the violent type, but at times like this I get mad and can’t help but want to slap people and put them in their place. Of course, I don’t do it, I never have, I never will. In the end, E. started to watch a TV series and fiddle with her phone, so I was “allowed” to sleep. Well, actually I wasn’t because I had to cuddle with her the whole time and I’m really shit at cuddling. You hug the girl, every part of you goes numb, but you can’t even move because she is basically lying on you. Who needs this? Sure, we can sleep together, but at least 20 centimeters away, so that we have a bit of peace. Well, peace was something I didn’t have a lot of that night. Although we watched the series from the bed, I almost fell between the mattress and the wall because we were playing small spoon- big spoon. Really, I was almost lying on the ground. It was a horrible night.”

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