Right Swipe Stories 2nd sample

What about a new sample of Right Swipe Stories? Just for you to feel its vibe. 😉

2. Right Swipe Stories sample: The mom

“When we were together, he seemed a bit childish, as if he got stuck at eighteen. He was a rebel, he listened to metal, he dressed up like a rocker, he seemed to be living with rock ‘n’ roll values. However, when he was with his parents,e turned into Mr. Goody Two Shoes. I didn’t find it honest that his two personalities were so very different. He was two completely separate people- of course it’s always easier to be clever in hindsight I didn’t like either one of them. It was only my pitiless loneliness that pushed me into his arms. It didn’t matter who it was as long as I had someone.

When at last he introduced me to his parents, I felt right away that something was off. His mother was giving me the stink eye although I hadn’t done anything wrong. Also, she kept calling me Helga, when it’s not my name. I think it would be the minimum to get my name right if her precious son took me home to meet his parents. It’s a serious step in a relationship, isn’t it? I found out pretty quickly how his mother felt about it and the revelation smacked me in the head. She told her son, of course with me there, that he should forgive her, but she was thinking a lot about Helga and she couldn’t understand how he could do this to that poor girl. I found out that during the month we’d been dating, J. had another girlfriend who apparently became the favorite of his mum. My ‘faithful’ boyfriend decided to dump her just before I came to visit him. Isn’t he wonderful? I just stood there, dumbfounded and thought, that’s really not nice.”

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