Anikó Dóra Tóth: Right Swipe Stories

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Right swipe stories is about three things: sex, love and Tinder.

Real people reveal all their unpredictable sexy details, fights, engagements, break ups, embarrassments, one-night stands, impulsive searches for long lasting love and even marriages all made possible by Tinder.

Have you already tried Tinder? If yes, this book is a must-read. How else will you gain honest advice from singles and couples whose lives have been permanently changed by this popular dating app? If you don’t have the app’ you’re guaranteed to feel a burning desire to download it once you start reading.

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  • Genre: non-fiction, featuring interviews
  • Pages: 248 (in print)
  • Publisher: TAD
  • ISBN 978-963-12-9396-8
  • You should read Right Swipe Stories if you…

    • love non-fiction books written in a very honest way and outspoken language
    • usually relax with love stories and romantic books
    • would like to peak in the world of online dating and Tinder

    Not suggested if you…

    • are not 18 yet, because there are some juicy details in it
    • hate true stories and anything related to nowadays

    Who is Anikó Dóra Tóth?

    Anikó Dóra Tóth is a Hungarian writer who has worked as a copywriter in advertising for seven years, so she knows what makes a book great and hard to put down. Right Swipe Stories is her first non-fiction book featuring several interviews. The writer’s style is very open and outspoken. When you read the stories, it’s like you’re hearing them right from the interviewees.

    Anikó along with many of the individuals in this book also found love and marriage on Tinder. In fact, it’s predominately her happy marriage that inspired her to write Right Swipe Stories.

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